Coach Your Sales People with Processes and Tools for Success

Coach Your Sales People with Processes and Tools for Success

Customer Testimonial: Jason Bowers, ComcastCustomer Testimonial: Jason Bowers, Comcast

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Gartner Research predicts that by 2023, sales organizations “will realize the full potential of their investments in sales development and representative-specific training through the cloud.”[1] But to make this predication a reality will take next-generation coaching and support by your managers.  As a sales leader, you should coach your sales people and lead your team in this direction now.

Always Be Coaching

Sales coaching begins with a clear understanding of the key performance metrics of a rep. An effective coaching solution is really a sales performance solution, capturing hard metrics like numbers of calls, product knowledge, and training completed, and field observation. A true sales performance solution does two things:

  • Produce data for each individual so managers can assess performance
  • Produce the data and behaviors of your top performers that set them apart

Benefits of Sales Coaching

CallidusCloud research shows that reps who receive at least three hours of coaching per month achieve 107% of quota. Improving your underperforming or average sales reps is also less expensive than replacing them, resulting in a win-win. Use your coaching system wisely to achieve strategic objectives:

  • Reward successful behaviors to drive success
  • Track metrics to measure improvement in selling skills and product knowledge
  • Review territory management to optimize opportunity potential and penetration
  • Share information to drive competition within the sales force and to motivate the team toward common goals

[1] Herbert, How to Hire and Develop Your Next Top Performer, 2001

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