Produce and Distribute Training with Mobile Devices

Produce and Distribute Training with Mobile Devices

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Unlike traditional office-based workers, your field force is out on the road, calling on prospects and buyers. They want and need learning delivered in this “always on the go” environment, just in time and when needed.

Meeting this demand has created new and unique challenges for today’s sales enablement and training providers – how do you distribute effective and impactful learning on mobile devices? Plus how do you track learner progress and get reporting on what is being used by the field?

Online, Offline, What’s the Difference?

For best ROI, distribute training online so your learners can access it anywhere at any time on any device. Your learners won’t have any software to download, creating an easy experience that will encourage ongoing education.

Real-time reporting makes it easy to see who’s completing training and what the most effective methods are.

Distribute training online so your learners can access it anywhere at any time on any device”

One Size Does Not Fit All

Not all training can be done on the learner’s schedule, so sometimes it’s best to schedule live training events. Some training is still best completed in the classroom. But the trend toward mobile learning is only growing:

  • Some 90% of eBusiness managers are either responsible for or involved in the planning of a mobile strategy[1].
  • Workers retain 90% of what they learn when the training is interactive and engaging[2].

One of the facts of being on the road: You don’t always have access to reliable internet services. Your mobile field force needs to be able to download training, so it’s always with them. Your learners can take their learning offline, and then sync when they have internet access again. Look for an application like Litmos Author Mobile Learning.

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