Sales Effectiveness Solutions for Financial Services

Financial Services

Now, more than ever, commercial banking and investment banking businesses are seeking solutions to drive revenue, while managing long term goals for growth, customer retention, and risk management. These financial services businesses also have rigorous data and privacy requirements. Successful retail, credit card, and private banking businesses must successfully execute on key corporate growth and customer loyalty metrics, requiring alignment across multiple sales and service channels. The CallidusCloud Sales Effectiveness suite delivers the leading sales performance management suite in the financial services industry, designed to drive cross-channel alignment to help businesses consistently meet and beat their sales growth and customer retention targets.

CallidusCloud’s market leading Sales Effectiveness suite addresses key requirements for driving sales performance, including:

  • Gaining full transparency into sales and customer performance across multiple customer touchpoints, including branch managers, tellers, call centers, and in-house brokers
  • Delivering a high degree of control over key revenue growth, wallet share, and customer loyalty targets across channels
  • Building fund growth, managed assets, and deposits by incenting and coaching the selling network on the right behaviors
  • Ensuring retention of top income producers with aligned pay for performance
  • Delivering bullet-proof data security and comprehensive auditability

Callidus’ SPM suite includes:

  • Incentive Compensation: Manages plan design and modeling, and incentive calculation and payments for internal sales professionals and dealers, and supports the agility to make strategic adjustments throughout the fiscal year.
  • Communicator: Provides a comprehensive workflow platform for managing communications between the back office, and sales and dealer channels. This includes rolling out compensation plans, and special incentives and contests. The platform also manages inbound disputes and inquires from the sales force and extended sales network.
  • Key Sales Objectives: Enables management of strategic objectives and MBOs to ensure that the sales network is motivated to drive business that is critical to the company’s long-term development. Using Objective Management, businesses can allocate and track corporate, department, and individual sales goals and metrics, ensuring measurable execution of key sales strategic initiatives for new customer growth, wallet share, fund growth, and revenue growth.
  • Sales Coaching: Helps measure the sales performance indicators across sales channels that can predict results, coach internal sales and call center agents to higher performance, and optimize the productivity of the entire sales network. The solution boosts the effectiveness of sales and call center organizations by uniting key performance data with developmental coaching to drive sustained revenue and customer growth.
  • Reporting & Analytics: Provides actionable insight to sales performance by channel, branch, product, and region to help financial services and banking businesses make better decisions around their coaching and incentive strategies. In addition, the solution delivers a library of pre-packaged reports and analytics to help accelerate ramp up time.
  • Business Process Outsourcing: Provides financial services and banking domain expertise to help manage your day-to-day operations and maintenance of the incentive system; design the right channel and incentive strategy to drive specific financial targets; design custom analytics by role for performance; and perform benchmarking and provide data-supported insights into incentive plan effectiveness.